Head Lifeguards

  • August 30, 2023 at 10:49 am #4830
    Brett Geelan

    We are looking to implement Head Lifeguards at our Aquatic Center for Summer, 2024. With that being said, we would like to see how everybody else runs the Head Lifeguard position.

    1. How many Head Lifeguards do you have?
    2. How much do they get paid compared to a regular Lifeguard?
    3. Is there a Head Lifeguard always on duty?
    4. What are some of the main responsibilities and duties of your Head Lifeguards?
    5. What are the qualifications to be considered a Head Lifeguard?

    August 30, 2023 at 12:13 pm #4831
    Katie McGrane

    1. My management team consists of 2 managers (1 at each pool), 3 lesson coordinators (1 for each section of lessons we offer; these also act as head guards), and 4 Head Guards (just head guards, no additional responsibilities). Everyday I will have 1 manager and 1 head guard scheduled at Cascade Falls (larger facility) and I only have the 1 manager scheduled at Prairie Ridge (smaller facility).
    2. My managers get paid $20.75/hr; lesson coordinators make $18/hr; head guards make $17.50/hr
    3. We always have a manager at each pool and an additional head guard is scheduled to “manage” or “assistant manage” with that manager. If they are not scheduled as THE head guard that day, they are scheduled to work a normal guard shift.
    4. Head lifeguards help with in-services (station work mostly), they double as another pool manager because we have such a large facility and so many patrons in attendance, and they are there to bridge the gap between guard and manager. Almost as a way to set the example, lead at all times, and be someone the guards can talk to and look up to when needed.
    5. Please see the attached Head Guard job description. Ultimately, I make sure they are going to represent me and the city well if I am not there to handle a situation. I also make sure my managers sit in on the interviews because they are the ones that will be working the most closely with those individuals.

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