Adding Sub-Accounts To Your Membership

If you have registered for multiple Individual Professional memberships during your Membership Registration/Renewal, please follow the instructions below to add sub-accounts to your membership.

    1. Login to your account here -
    2. After you log in, head to the Subscriptions page under the "My Account" page.
    3. You will see your current subscription listed > click the "Sub Accounts" link on the right side of the page.
    4. From the Sub Accounts page, click the gray "Add Sub Account" button > A form will pop-up to add a new sub-account.
    5. If the member has previously registered on the IAPRA website you can simply enter their "Existing Username" and then click the "Submit" button. (the existing member will be added to your account and they can login to the website).
      If the member has NOT previously registered on our website, enter a Username, Email, First Name, and Last Name. Check the "send NEW members the welcome email" box and click submit. (the new member will recieve an email about their new account and setting up a password).
      OR If you prefer, you can send members a sign-up URL so they can register for themselves. You can find your accounts unique URL by scrolling down on the sub-accounts page to the "Signup URL" heading. Copy the URL and send it to your members!

    Sub-Accounts can always be manged from this Sub Accounts page (Member Area > My Account > Subscriptions > Sub Accounts). If you need to remove or add a new member you will be able to see a list of all sub-accounts from this page as well.

    If you need to add more sub accounts to your account or need any assistance with this process, please contact