Indoor Pool Recommendations

  • August 30, 2022 at 3:24 pm #3897
    Jill Burt

    I’m doing some research for our new indoor pool project and have been asked to reach out to others with an indoor pool to see what I can find out on your experiences and/or recommendations for a new facility. There are a number of questions, I appreciate any response you care to share. If you’re willing to talk more in depth, I can be reached at or 515-239-5352.

    What is your current indoor pool set-up?
    o Standalone aquatics or attached amenities?
    o How many bodies of water do you have?
    o How many gallons of water?
    o Pool temp and reasoning?
    o Staff structure? (part time, full time, etc.)
    o How many guards do you have on duty at once?
    Do you use regenerative media filters?
    o If YES: Do you see a cost saving in operations? (Examples: backwash less often, electivity savings, save on capital with smaller space required, etc.)
    o If NO: did you explore RMF and why did you decide against it?
    Do you have a salt water pool?
    o If YES, what are your pros and cons?
    o If NO, did you explore a salt water system and why did you decide against it?
    Any other feedback if you were able to work with a design team to build a new indoor aquatic facility?

    Thanks so much,
    Jill Burt
    Ames Parks & Recreation

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